Friday, January 13, 2006

Starting my online store "givitup"

Day 1
It really all began several years ago when I had the idea of making and selling buttons that would have what you gave up for Lent with a red line drawn through it. I found someone online who made a dozen samples and I took them around to stores who bought them, but didn’t give me any orders for more.
I realized it wouldn’t be easy to advertise, take orders, get them made and then shipped – so I gave up.
Fast forward to early December when I was looking for a monogrammed coffee mug for a present and stumbled across They provide on- demand manufacturing and e-commerce services. Their list of products include: t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, sweatshirts, magnets, buttons and children's apparel. As I looked around the site I remembered my Lent buttons. As New Year’s was coming up I thought the same type of designs could be used for New Year’s Resolutions too.
It’s not like me to jump into something like this, but it was inexpensive (if you don’t count all the time I put into it!), and my husband had recently gotten into web design and internet consulting so for the past 3 years I have been reading everything I could find on online marketing – and finding it fascinating.
CafePress offered templates and John said he would help me get set up.
I chose my URL and I immediately came up with 22 designs/words and chose 22 of their products to put them on. As John was creating the image he was erasing the background and then realized with some of it still showing it was really neat looking. So we left it that way. That became our design.
We sort of stumbled on a name and logo too. Giving it up….Give it up….givitup…of course a lot has to do with what’s available on-line name wise too. We hunted through all the font styles on the computer and decided to use the same colors as our designs. Again we left the background in place because we liked the looks of it.
Next step to write descriptions of all the products and price everything. That took a couple days.

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