Friday, April 28, 2006

Cradlesong interview

Today we are hearing from Pam who’s site is at

1. What drew you to opening an online store? Were you in a related field?

To tell the truth, it just seemed like the thing to do because that's how everyone shops and looks for things. In a related, motherhood was primary job for the last 14+ years, before that I sold overnight mail and did marketing for a Pizza Hut franchisee.

2.When did you open your store?

August 2004

3.What is harder about doing this then you thought it would be?

Trying to keep things new and fresh, keep changing the site to keep it interesting for returning customers.

4.What do you like best about being an online shopkeeper?

Expands my market to world-wide, simple explanation for those who want to see what I do...just refer them to the site and they can see for themselves.

5.During the very first month, what do you wish you had known then that you do now?

How to work with tables!!! As best as I can tell it is the primary way to keep information & images where you want them. Things NEVER look the same on the back-end of the site as the do on the front-end.

6.Could you share some of the marketing you’ve tried so far (on or off line) and what has worked and what hasn’t?

Marketing started with an initial mailing (approx. 200) of brochures and a cover letter letting friends/acquaintances know what I was doing. To present a professional front although my products are handmade, I had taffeta labels made that have my logo on them (laundering instructions on the reverse). Both "cradlesong" & "cradlesong musical pillows" come up #1 on yahoo, google and msn searches so I consider even the tags as advertisement. Word of mouth, repeat and secondary business (those who receive my products often turn around and order them) are also good sources for additional business.

7.What other sites, blogs, etc. do you have if any? No other sites or blogs.

Drop ship from one site, and another potential in the works.

Nancy’s comment – I’ve been familiar with Pam’s work since before she set up her site and I have to tell you, the quality and detail are topnotch. These are the type of gifts that really do become heirlooms! She told me once that she gets a lot of traffic from her links (which are highly related) and she has a lot of links! Pam also offers gift certificates and gift-wrapping.

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