Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Learning more about Photo Bucket

I was so happy to organize the pictures in my photobucket album. I sent a message to their customer service desk asking how I could put all my like images together as I’ve been adding pictures randomly. They sent me back two links to tutorials about how to create sub albums and then move existing images into them.

After I did all this and patted myself on the back about my organizational skills. I saw that it broke every link I had used photobucket for and I had to go back and reconstruct them all.

This was one time I didn’t mind the ads that expire in only seven days. I didn’t bother fixing them, but I had to re-do 4 of my blog posts and all of my Friendster ads and MySpace bulletins. I think I have it all cleaned up. But, again, it’s just another thing I wish I had learned on day one!

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