Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Information about CafePress

Here’s an excerpt from an article about CafePress I read today:

By all definitions, the model didn't just take off: it soared. Cafepress.com now has over 1.2 million stores with 1,000 new stores opening up daily, according to Jain. Revenues went from $1 million in 2000 to an anticipated $50 million or more this year.

Customers of Cafepress can sell their designs on 90 different products from mugs to messenger bags to calendars to T-shirts. The company has over 50 major accounts including March of Dimes, Dilbert, Noggin and startrek.com as well as strategic agreement with licensors. Most recently, Cafepress launched a partnership with New Line Cinema, which will allow users of the site the opportunity to create merchandise based on New Line's movie "Snakes on a Plane."

Two things jumped out at me. The $50 million of course, but also they consider both the storeowners and our customer s to be customers. I always thought we were partners with CafePress….

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