Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Long days

After about 10 hours on the computer today – I’ve done a little bit of everything!

I am determined to get my inboxes on my 4 email accounts down to zero! So much reading! And every 3 or 4 things I read seem to require me to do something suggested.

On one newsletter I get weekly the editor offered mentioning any shops people have in time for Christmas so long as we are both newsletter subscribers and forum members. I’m both, so I sent her a link to my store.

On the CafePress forum I saw an offer from another shop owner to put links on his shop. So I sent him an email too.

I’ve been looking around the Blog Traffic School forum and finally made myself ask the question, “Does my blog really need titles?” I got the answer I was afraid of – yes! It’s good for SEO. So as you can see I am on day 280 and now have to go back and figure out a title for each post!

Then I added another design to my store and cleaned up some sections.

The work of an online shop owner never ends!

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