Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines

You will find millions of opinions on the Internet. Some people say you should submit your site to search engines if you're not listed. Some people say you should NOT submit your site; that it's better to wait until your site is found and indexed by the search engine bots/spiders.

You don't have to submit your site because it will eventually be found and indexed.

As far as whether you should submit your site to the search engines that haven't found it yet, there isn't any correct answer since opinions vary. The most important or widely used search engines are:


Altavista uses the exact same database as Yahoo. Live.com is supposedly going to replace msnsearch.com. A lot of little "nobody" search engines are driven by Google. So you only need to be concerned about these four.

Submitting your site to Open Directory is good as well. They are at dmoz.org. Being listed with them seems to improve a site's position on the search engines. They're very slow to add a site though. They have humans look at the site and assign a description to it, so it gives the sites listed there a kind of legitimacy or higher "status" than the other search engines which just automatically add sites with a software routine.

The best way to help boost a web site in search engine rankings is to get quality links from other sites. Use www.webmastereyes.com to find sites with high page rank and try to get them to link to you with anchor text that's relevant to your site.(Not just “click here”)

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