Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Promoting Your Online Store for the Holidays

Here are some ideas CafePress listed to help shopkeepers promote their online stores for the holidays.

Let your shoppers know that your shop is ready for the Holiday Season. Shoppers are hungry for information this time of year. Don't be shy about sending out newsletters, emails and direct mail to your customers letting them know about new products, sales or special editions.

Here are some suggestions to help steer shoppers to your shop:

· Add banners on your main website to advertise your shop.
· Send an email to your customers. We have a few Email Scripts to help get you started.
· Buy ad space on websites where your target shoppers are likely to visit.
· Buy ad space on magazines — check about unsold ad space that may be available for a discount.
· Buy keywords on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
· Frequent Message Boards where your target shoppers hang out and make friends with them so they can help spread the word about your shop!
· Team up with a nonprofit or a club and donate a design to them in return for a link back to your shop.
· Print up fliers and distribute locally.
Take advantage of the Bulk Pricing Program! Sell your unique merchandise at craft fairs, trade shows and flea markets.

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