Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Election 2008 Merchandise Just in Time for Super Tuesday

I just added an Election 2008 section to my store and I’ve been writing online press releases for it. Here’s one:

The political race toward the White House has gotten more narrow, but much more heated lately. With Super Tuesday right around the corner, Republicans and Democrats are working hard to get their man’s (or woman’s) name out there.

givitup, a print on demand store with over 100 products, has just opened an Election 2008 section. Nancy Geiger, owner of the store, has chosen who she considers to be the top 4 contenders. givitup has only been open a little over 2 years so this is it’s first opportunity to get political.

Geiger says t-shirts have always been a way for people to “belong” and “stand out.” The first written t-shirts were usually sports names. Then of course there are the school names and place names, all giving people a feeling of belonging to a group. Later came the “statements” which set them a part. Their view of the world or opinion about something. The hip joke that made them cool. The rebellion against the establishment.

People advertise their businesses or put their kid’s pictures (or their dogs!) on t-shirts. With politics, they are essentially walking billboards for the candidate of their choice.

Geiger says the beauty of print on demand is that the customer can get one item and not have to order in bulk. They can also send her their own text, picture or design to make an even more personal statement.

“With candidates throwing their hats in after the race has started and others dropping out mid-stream, print on demand allows me change my shop with the news and not lose inventory.” Geiger said, “It’s a wonderful system. And fun! Besides the usual stickers, buttons, magnets and t-shirts, I’m able to have mugs, bibs, onesies, BBQ aprons, note cards, baseball caps and even teddy bears wearing t-shirts.”

givitup’s Election 2008 merchandise can be viewed at


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