Friday, April 03, 2009

New Inspirational Rectangular Magnets

I've always written positive quotes and Bible verses down and stuck them everywhere: inside my daytimer, inside the cabinet door where my vitamins are, on the side of the file cabinet next to my desk. In fact that is one reason I started my What I Learned Teaching Sunday School blog - it's a place to not only keep the lessons I've written and taught, thoughts I've had about Christian books, concerts, etc. but to keep all the great quotes and things I've been collecting.

Then that spilled over to my print on demand store and I've got positive and Christian t-shirts and gifts and just started a section of rectangular magnets with uplifting quotes on them. It's a little overboard, but it really helps me to be surrounded by them, so if I start to get down I don't have far to look to read something that will lift me up.


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