Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's most important when starting a new business?

I love to read forums. Most of the people offer really good and thoughtful advice. The following was in response to the question, what's most important when starting a new business?

Network, Network, and Network Some More
When I started my own firm, an old hand told me that initially (because of no or few customers) there would be a good deal of down time and that time should be used to meet others and network. Later, he said, there would be no time. I wish I had listened. Join the clubs, meet your colleagues, offer free seminars at libraries, join a networking group, take on a teaching job about your profession, offer to write an article for the local paper, join a sports club, go next door and meet your neighbor, and network all of the time! Always have a flyer, card or brochure handy. Have a good contact application on your mobile phone and plug in everyone you meet and what you discussed -- build a contact database. Ask customers for referrals. If you sell widgets, figure out where the widget buyers hang out and get there. One young business woman I know had a neat little tool for needlepoint she sold at her craft store. By word of mouth at her PTA it came to the attention of a big buyer. Network!

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