Sunday, January 15, 2006

My first sale already!

Day 3
Being a real fan of guerilla marketing books and articles my original idea was to write articles and blogs always including my URL and getting on forums…and always including my URL with my signature. But, first I thought I’d better tell someone my site existed. My husband registered it with the top search engines, but I wasn’t convinced I would be found with all the t-shirt competition out there. So I sent out an email with pictures of some of my designs to just about everyone I had an email address for. I promised them it was a one time email (which I think if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have said – they are friends for goodness sake! I could have sent them a few more emails!)
I thought the button on my site asking people to sign up for my seasonal newsletters would build my advertising audience, but so far I have 9 subscribers (and John and I are 3 of them!)
Got my first sale today! John’s sister! She wanted a word I didn’t have so he created the image and I put it in a separate section with her name on it for her to order. Then I added that we do custom work for no extra charge on the front page.

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