Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I reorganize!

I decided to reorganize my lists again and try to start catching up in a more logical way!

I labeled one piece of paper Site and listed everything I want to do to my store: from new products, new sections, backing the whole thing up (!), promoting the custom section and promoting buttons. Then I labeled a sheet Affiliates and made that list: an online class I want to take, sites I want to look at, etc. My Writing sheet’s list is the longest and I have sadly neglected it! I could spend a year locked up in my office and maybe get to the end of that list! Then I made an Internet sheet. That list includes things like “read everything I’ve been sticking in Favorites, spend time on every forum I’ve joined, read all the email I’ve stuck in the folder titled “Read When Time”, do an online web design class I’ve saved and several dozen other sites and ezines I want to learn from. Next I made a Promotion sheet for all the places I still want to promote and designs I want to promote. Last I made a Work on Continuously sheet, which is basically things I should be checking on, and doing every day.

It helped to divide it out. Then I planned out the next week using a few things from each list on each day. Today I’ve been reading the chats on CafePress and starting to read some of my emails. Got distracted by and ended up adding two of my t-shirts to his site. I also added a bear to his DarnFineBear site. I wish I knew if anyone besides other storeowners look at those kinds of sites! My daughter also helped me add a scrolling bar of pictures from my site to my MySpace profile and change all the background. It looked so much better I sent some bulletins out to a few of the groups I belong to.

So that’s pretty much my day!

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