Wednesday, July 26, 2006

List of sites to place free ads

I spent all day organizing all the free classifieds I’ve used. Putting the URLs and user names and passwords all in one place and listing the ads I have in each and when they expire. It took forever, but will be easier to keep up now.

I thought I would share some that shop owners may like to try. - Very slow site. - Allows only one location and one picture. Very limited descriptions - Very easy to use. Will take lots of ads. One picture per ad. - This also only takes 1 picture per ad and I’m not positive, but it may only be to one zip code.

Craigslist - length varies from 7 to 45 days that the ad is live. If you try to post an ad that is too similar to one you already have they won’t allow it. Takes 4 pictures. – if you are a member of the site you can post lots of classifieds with pictures. Easy to use. - haven't quite figured it out yet. Put 8 on today, but I’m not sure if more then 2 stuck! keeps ad live for 60 days. No picture. - 60 days or 1 year. Haven’t figured out how to make it be one or the other yet. No pictures. - Doesn't print pictures, URL or email. Not overly impressed with. Country and state ads. Live for 7 days - Live for 2 months.

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At 3:25 PM, Blogger GetYerGoat said...

Well- I know that must have been some work! I'm not quite so organized but I appreciate you listing these.
Have you tried PostARoo?
I believe you can place free ads there as well.
I'll go check some of these out and once more- Thank you.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

I have not tried PostARoo, but will look into it. Thanks for the tip!


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