Thursday, February 01, 2007

What I’ve learned starting an online store

The main thing I’ve learned about starting an online store is that it’s a lot of work. It is constant tweaking and constant reading and learning. Online storeowners don’t stop working until they can’t keep their eyes open anymore and then after a few hours of sleep they start all over again.

Most online storeowners aren’t just adding products to their shops. They are learning about being an affiliate, attracting affiliates, SEO, all forms of on and offline marketing, and the tools the Internet offers to help us.

They are reading everything they can find on AdSense, AdWords, Chitika, HTML and photoshop.

They are writing ads, articles, newsletters and press releases and looking for places to submit them. Because of this they are also reading things to teach them to write better.

They are on forums: either forums for businesses, entrepreneurs, blogging forums, (if they have a blog and many do) forums that relate to the products they sell and techy forums.

They become familiar with sites they normally wouldn’t have, i.e. My Space and Swanky Moms.

They create folders in the inboxes of their multiple email accounts filled with links to things they want to look at someday, or try on their site. Their desktop is full of icons and if it isn’t full it’s because each icon has folders and sub folders. Their “favorites” are also full of sites they mean to study. Or at least read one time.

They grit their teeth when the computer crashes while they are in the middle of typing something (which just happened to me) and start all over again instead of taking the time to cry about it. And when they do start all over again, this time they hit file and save after every paragraph!

They realize that like the Internet there is no end!

So if you are an online storeowner. I salute you. And I wish you the best!

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At 9:17 AM, Blogger GPC said...


I agree with your posting. I recently launched an online store ( I'm currently living many of the things you mentioned in your post. I wish you much success with your on-line store.


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