Tuesday, April 24, 2007

pdf files

I used to wonder why some people used Word attachments and others used pdf files.I learned today the benefits of pdf files: compatibility with all browsers, and operating systems, universally readable, (the format that the viewer sees is identical to the format that the creator created regardless of screen size, resolution or operating system.)

It doesn’t matter if the receiver has the particular application you created the document with, only the reader, Adobe Reader for example, which is free to download.

Also the content of a pdf document is difficult to edit, adding a good layer of basic security and avoiding "accidental" modifications to the original by the receiver. And finally, a pdf file is compressed making it smaller and more easily transmitted via email attachments.

Traditionally very expensive to buy the original program to create pdf-formatted documents, you can now use a great new product that is inexpensive and fully capable so you can take advantage of this handy and professional tool.

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