Thursday, May 04, 2006

Catching up with my own thoughts today

I’m going to catch up on some of my own thoughts today and then get back to another round of interviews tomorrow.

I have especially enjoyed reading the shop owner’s marketing ideas and have been taking notes. For instance, I had never heard of before and now have three free classifieds on it.

I had my biggest sale yet on Sunday. Something like 6 t-shirts and 20 buttons. The possibly sad news is they were the “no cancer” ones and I am hoping someone didn’t just find out they or a member of their family has cancer. At any rate, I sent a prayer along for them – no extra charge!

It’s getting really close to Mother’s day and the great thing about online stores is how fast you can get your purchases. I’ve ordered a couple times from my store and even choosing the slowest, cheapest mail rate, I had my items in 5 days. So there is plenty of time if you want to get mom something from this site I really like:

School is almost out too and there are lots of CafePress shops with fun graduation gifts. Here’s a favorite

And if you are one of those nice parents who buy their children’s teachers gifts, you can do that right here:

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