Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gifts from the Heart

Here are some wonderful ideas from a CafePress storeowner, SagArt, for those special people in your life. These gifts will be cherished by the receiver! Every one of them can be made using CafePress products, but personalized for a one of a kind gift.

For the parents or Grandparents of a child

You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Price writer to do this one. Take a fairy tale and rewrite it to include you and the child in the story and put it in one of CafePress’s books. Include some photos of you and the child to illustrate the book, and then design a special full colored cover. It will become the most cherished book the child owns and a bedtime story filled with love.

Send your love where it is most needed

SagArt got this idea from a savvy customer. Her customer has a son in Iraq and she was going to collect pictures and personal messages of love and support for her son from family and friends; combine them into a CafePress book and send it to him as not only as a Christmas gift, but as a way to remind her son how much he is loved and how proud of him they all were. What a wonderful and touching gift to get!

Good Taste Gift

Combine all those special secret family recipes that your family loves (that we all have written on scraps of paper in our recipe box) and combine them in a CafePress book for your older or married children. They will love it!

Note Cards

Even for the most difficult to buy for, personalize note cards to fit the lifestyle and personality of a friend or family member. (Note: our cards come in packs of 6 and you can send us photographs or your designs or choose one of ours.)

Framed Prints

Put together a vintage (sepia toned) collage of family pictures combined with some great vintage art for a gorgeous framed print for someone’s home. Grandparents love this so much!


Create and personalized a journal as a dairy for a young lady. Create and personalize a journal for a new baby to record the memories of the first year of life in for the new mother and father.

Keepsake Tile Boxes

Take the birth announcement of a child and replicate it on a Keepsake Tile box to hold all those tiny things we need for a baby. It’s a very special gift the parents will love and the baby will treasure, as he/she grows older.


Take the square magnets or button magnets and design one for each month reflecting the holiday of that month in the design for a 12 piece set of beautiful magnets that will be used year after year to accessorize any room in a home or office. You can also personalize them for special family member’s birthdays or anniversaries for each month, and/or with the family name on them. You can even list all monthly family birthdays on a rectangular magnet and switch them out each month. Women love these!

Bachelor Party T-shirts

For someone getting married, you can design a t-shirt or sweatshirt that states: “I the undersigned do agree that what happens at the bachelor / bachelorette party, stays at the bachelor / bachelorette party!” Then wrap it up with a laundry pen or Sharpie to be used by all at the scene of the crime to sign the shirt, and give it as a special and unusual gift that will be remembered.

I’d like to thank SagArt for letting me share her ideas. Visit her Christmas Closet Here for more ideas and to shop for your loved ones.

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