Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

I’ve discovered another expert copywriter, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Sigh, lots more to read! But, just from reading one of her articles about marketing to women I feel like I’ve learned volumes! She says if we market to women we will increase sales 85%. Here’s just a few other things she writes. The rest can be found on her website above.

Male centered marketing dictates that we give them just enough information to make a positive decision to buy, then stop talking.

A woman conscious marketer converts the male buyer through headlines, bullet points, postscripts and summaries. Testimonials should be results driven.

However, the women are converted through the rest of a long copy sales letter, FAQ's, comparison charts and live support. Women respond to relationship oriented testimonials.
Woman’s lives are busy; they are mothers, wives, supervisors, project managers, girlfriends, taxi drivers, bosses and daughters. They chair committees, represent their civic and religious organizations as biggest percentage of active participants, they manage money, kids and relationships and they do it all on the run.

Women need dependability and practicality in their lives. It’s no wonder women want practical solutions to their problems. They can't afford the time or patience for doing things over so they have to do it right the first time. Your marketing must understand and respond to this fact.
So here's a checklist of questions to answer:

1) Will this save me time or money?
2) Will this help me enjoy my active life?
3) Will I be able to do it (on a part time basis)?
4) Will I be able to get the full benefits (on a part time basis)?
5) Will this purchase be practical, beautiful or better yet, both?
6) Will this be the best value?
7) Will you stand behind your promises and help me?

Smart marketers have always known of the power of word of mouth marketing, and today we can add to the word of mouth, word of forwarding or word of mouse.

Many online businesses today are helping visitors to their sites share their experience with others by providing links for “share this with a friend” or “Tell a friend”. When you try out the form above you can see this strategy in action. They also send email that has coupons and offers that can be forwarded to someone on the customers email list. When it works the effect is like that old television commercial, where she’ll tell two friends and she’ll tell two friends and so on, and so on.

The new exposures of prospective buyers to your products and offers can be exponential with this type of marketing, sometime called “viral marketing”. Women are especially well suited for this “viral” type of marketing because they are so relationship oriented and in tune with the needs of others.

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