Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sending out hundreds of emails and online ads

Well it was time to send out some of the free classifieds again. I sent Valentine themed ads to all the states and this time decided to include some of the countries. After several hours I think I was getting a little punchy. I was very tempted to send one to Nigeria telling them for every t-shirt they ordered with “no spam” on it, one million dollars would be deposited in their bank account. Thought about creating and sending “no nukes” to North Korea and “no fighting” to Israel! I did send one to Saudi Arabia too. I can’t really picture them in t-shirts and baseball caps, but they do have a lot of money!

Saw an article today about vegetarians and it suggested a support group in the area with an email address. So I sent them my “no meat” link!

Day27Got an email back from the Eat for Life group that I sent my “no meat” link to. She invited me to their next meeting. No mention of my site….

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