Monday, March 13, 2006

Great CafePress stores

I don’t usually have the time to do this, but I browsed some other CafePress stores today. Of course there are thousands, but even so there are a lot that I am so impressed with.
A lot of artists and graphic designers have shops and the creativity is amazing.
laffstore has a little bit of everything, but I especially love their angel section and they have great Christmas cards. lollicakes has some of the most charming designs. They have kids clothes and moms to be shirts, but also a really nice Valentine section that could be worn year round. Their stuff makes me smile. lekkerbride has all the wedding party outfits and fun wedding theme items. There are a lot of wedding related products in CafePress, but lekker bride has one of the best selections. And of course the sites I have listed on my shop as favorites: maryostore has beautiful animal designs, tinycitizens has very clever baby things and peacockcards literally has everything. This is your one stop-shopping site! Neat things! Also johnsonfineart has absolutely beautiful greeting cards, journals and framed prints in different sizes. Very impressive!
OK, sending you to other stores besides mine may not be a smart move on my part, but they are great stores that deserve to be looked at and enjoyed. So, enjoy!

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