Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pattinson Photo interview

Today we talk to Dave who's store is at:

1. What drew you to opening an online store? Were you in a related field?

I am a photographer and had been looking to setup an online store for awhile, I had used several types but came across CafePress while surfing one day and really liked the fact that they would do all the printing for me as well as the customer service.

2. When did you open your store?

I opened it up in February of 2006.

3. What is harder about doing this then you thought it would be?

Initially the hard part was getting it designed the way I wanted but now the hardest part is getting the word out. I feel I have some very good photographic images but I have to let people know this and to come and visit my shop.

4. What do you like best about being an online shopkeeper?

It’s fun to work at something and then have others appreciate all the work you have done. It’s also great when you get an email saying you have made a sale.

5. During the very first month, what do you wish you had known then that you do now?

I wish I had designed it by design and not product in the first place. I am finally changing it over.

6. Could you share some of the marketing you’ve tried so far (on or off line) and what has worked and what hasn’t?

I have used Craigslist, Froogle, bought some classified ads online and had a friend put an ad on his company Intranet. I have gotten traffic from most of these but no sales. I have to increase my products and designs. I think Froogle will be fun as I keep adding products every week. Also Craigslist does get you traffic.

7. What other sites, blogs, etc. do you have if any?

I have a blog at
and I highlight my latest products and sales.
I also have my own photography website at
but it is currently under construction due to a move

Nancy’s comments – I LOVE the journals and greeting cards!! Dave, make more!

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