Friday, November 17, 2006

New Stuff!

I skipped a day updating this blog, but I’m really only about 12 hours behind!

Yesterday I did 2 things to my store that weren’t even on my list when I turned on my computer and they ended up taking me most of the day.

I added a section called “Mug ShotsMugs shots are the perfect gift! Fun for the giver and receiver! Great for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, housewarming presents, bridal showers and wedding presents. Send us your favorite photo and we'll put it on our ceramic mugs. Every member of the family will know which mug is theirs!
So of course I had to look through a lot of my pictures and pick some to put on mugs as examples.

Next I added a new design called Computer Slang, which I love!
If you are like me, you can't keep all the computer acronyms, definitions, slang terms and jargon straight. givitup has created a "cheat sheet" for you to wear while working on the computer (just look down at your shirt! It's upside down for a reason!) Or if it's in the wash that day you can always check your mug or mouse pad!
I have both the upside version for clothes and the right side up version for mugs, mouse pads and calendars.

These 2 new sections can be found under “Truly Unique Gifts” either in the list on the left sidebar or at the bottom of my storefront.


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At 10:52 PM, Blogger Sean Carter said...

Great ideas!!Innovative too!!

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks, Sean

I appreciate that!



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