Friday, February 09, 2007

CafePress announces New Merchandise Again!

CafePress announced a bunch of new items today!
• Dark T-Shirts: Red, Royal, Brown, Charcoal
• Light T-Shirts: Natural, Light-Blue
• Women's Dark T-Shirts: Red, Caribbean Blue, Violet
• Women's Light T-Shirt: Light Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink
• Women's V-Neck T-Shirt: White
• Women's Dark V-Neck T-Shirt: Black, Heather Grey

To let you know which items come in a choice of colors we’ve included “More Colors Available” text under apparel with more than one color option. Sometimes I have more then one color showing already on the page, but most of the time you need to click on the item and then mouse over your color choice. Try it! It’s fun to see the choices!

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