Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why is Branding so Important?

The short answer to why is branding so important is, because it’s going to happen anyway so you need to manage it to reflect well on your product or business. You do this by taking many things into consideration so there is consistency: your name, quality of products, quality of service, products (how they look, what they do), brochures, websites, letterhead and can also include logo and tag lines.

It is the most important asset your company has. It is the very essence of who you are as a company. It is what differentiates you from the competition. If a consumer has a choice between two seemingly identical products and only one is a brand they have heard of before, which do you think they would buy?

So it can increase your sales. It also allows you to charge more than the average market price. Branding is why designer clothing costs so much and people don’t mind paying the price for it.

So first decide what your company wants to stand for. Then consistently work on every aspect of your business to reflect that.



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