Monday, February 13, 2006

2 new designs announcement

I decided to go ahead with the two other ideas I had had years ago when I first thought of the Lent buttons. At the time, Brittany was just a little girl and I thought of how many times we butted heads over what she would wear. I wanted to have a button that said “I dressed myself today” so no one would think I picked out that combination. Then of course Daddy put a few odd ensembles together too, so I thought of “Daddy dressed me today.”
Spent almost all day getting two sections set up for that. Mostly because poor John had to make the images for me and also the buttons on the side of my site, which is apparently really hard and I need to quit asking him to do that!
I debated whether to do a basic shop and just link it to mine, but then I would have had to have two basic shops because you can’t put the same image on the same product unless you have a premium shop. And I didn’t want to buy another premium shop just for two sections. But, I do like having my store have a theme and not just be a jumble of everything I could think of.
So, I ended up treating the new sections like they were stores I am recommending. They each have a little button like my affiliates, which sort of separates them, but are still part of my store. is my “I Dressed Me” section and is my “Daddy Dressed Me” section.
I think it will work. I am not really planning on marketing them like I do my givitup stuff, I am hoping word of mouth for this one, and so I sent out some emails and asked people to pass them on to anyone else with little kids.
As John was adding the statcounter to the two new sections I realized it wasn’t on my front page, which would explain why friends had told me they had looked at my site, but I never saw the evidence on the statcounter. Of course it doesn’t explain why they didn’t go to another page!

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