Thursday, February 02, 2006

Superbowl Part 2

Spent the morning switching everything from Steelers and Seahawks to Seattle and Pittsburgh. I hadn’t had any more comments, but decided to be safer now then sorry later!
Finally developed a rhythm working on my press releases. Sent to all the Georgia daily papers just because that’s where I had stopped with my store opening announcements, did lots of TV stations in Washington and Pennsylvania and started in putting free ads on My Space. I was really going fast there when all of a sudden things began dropping off. Finally stopped to look at it better and it said “you can only submit one ad once every five minutes” ! And I had been so happy to get it down to every two minutes! So I tried to check emails in between – five minutes seemed like forever!Also sent to Prweb and MPR again. And I did break my promise and sent one more email about the Super Bowl items to about a third of my original list. I told them I knew I had said I would only do it once, but they were either family or might as well be family, so they were stuck with me!

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