Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I was so ready for Super Bowl. My idea was to do a line through each of the two teams that were going and call the sections “blank” fans. Then do hundreds of press releases talking about how quickly “givitup” had items for sale as soon as the playoffs ended.
The Steelers won first today and I got as much ready to go as I could. The Panthers and Seahawks began their game at 6:30 pm. By 4th quarter we knew it was over and I could get the Seahawks in place. Spent an hour pricing all my products and then tried to start my press releases. From 10:30 pm – 11:30 pm John and I messed with my computer which had suddenly decided it wouldn’t let me put images on my desktop anymore. I needed the images in my press reports so until that was resolved my plan came to a crashing halt.

After everything was finally working again I started pulling up Pennsylvania, Washington and Michigan (because the Super Bowl will be in Detroit) daily newspaper sites from my favorite But, my computer was a slow as molasses and it was so late I began jumping around sending to Seattle radio stations and a few local papers…wondering if I would be able to keep track of what I had done tomorrow and what I still needed to do.

I sent an announcement to the CafePress forum “Trends and Buzzes” saying my Super Bowl items were on if anyone wanted a look. About 1:15 a.m. I looked back there and had one response “not sure if you can use Steelers, Seahawks or even Super Bowl…”Stopped and went to bed!

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