Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CafePress drops referral income to 1 year

Spent a lot of time sending out the free classifieds again. Every 7 days comes around fast! I promoted Super Bowl. Did a few more My Space ads and spent a lot of time reading and researching. Have a huge list of sites I want to learn from.

Read CafePress forums for a couple hours! Everyone was up in arms about the new shop referral change: now you only get income from a shop you referred for 1 year. Since I hadn’t referred anyone yet, or even put a link on my site to do that, it didn’t really effect me, but I felt for some of the people who were apparently getting a fair size monthly check from the program.
At first I thought it was awful of CafePress to do (and I still thinking the 2 month warning isn’t nice or fair), but someone in the forums pointed out that the affiliate program might have replaced this. So I spun that around in my head a bit: 5% from all sales forever from a store you referred, or 20% from one sale if the customer came to the sale through your site….hmmmm…..
Oh, well, what’s done is done.
I did notice a sudden flood of affiliate emails and sign ups going around! So I decided to go ahead and “announce” that my shop is ready to affiliate and asked John to create the link on my site. (He’s been working on it for a couple hours – I’m sort of afraid to go in there to see how he’s coming!)

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