Friday, February 17, 2006

Live, learn and keep on going!

Doesn’t it just figure!! My statcounter has kicked in for the front page so now I am seeing things coming in from my blog and other places. But, today I took off the Steelers’s fans and Seahawk fans (being my usual neat nik/organized self – after all Super Bowl was over – time to move on!) and a little while later my statcounter showed someone had tried to enter that section from Google and that they had actually searched for Steelers clothes and my site came up! I never even knew it had made Google for that section and as far as I know the first time someone googled it –the section was gone and they couldn’t find it!

Time for classifieds again! Unbelievable! This time I sent all the states a link to my “Daddy Dressed Me Today” site with mention of the “I Dressed Myself Today” site too.

The title I used is, “Charming Children’s Clothes Let Mom off the Hook.”

“When mom just doesn't want to take responsibility for the results, let others know it was Daddy who dressed the little one today! Every color of the rainbow is in the design on these darling children's clothes. Whatever dad adds should match!”

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