Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Using forums to promote your business

Everything I read about online promotion mentions forums. Get on forums, be helpful, use your URL in a signature line. After a long enough time people will begin to know you and respect you and just naturally want to click on your site to see what you do! (Or something like that!) Well, I told you my experience with the groups in My Space (Day 33) and also with Oprah’s forums (Day 10). I joined a couple others, but there never seemed to be the right lead in for me to say something wise and wonderful!
I’ve always enjoyed forums because I learn so much. There are some really smart, creative, helpful people out there! But, I was getting no traffic to my site from any of them.I needed help! Just in time I found a free ebook by Harvey Segal called Forum Super Tips or how to post on forums. It was an easy read and got me encouraged to try again, that it is possible, and will work. Click here to get your own free copy.

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