Friday, March 31, 2006

Daily upkeep

I want to share a design I found in one of my fellow shop owner’s stores that really says it all for Easter:
Studio 490

I moved my yoga stuff from my custom section to it’s own section after all. Then while I was on the site I decided to double-check all the descriptions to see if I wanted to change anything. For the first time I noticed that the columns weren’t even! How had I missed that? I realized it was because some of the product labels were longer then others and if the long ones were in the first row it created a gap. SO….I went through all 32 product pages and moved a couple things around per section. Kind of like cleaning out drawers!

One of the other shop owners sent me a link to a great site that had a forum thread about conversion; Webmasters World. I read through that whole thing (really interesting) and ended up joining the site. Something else to keep up on!

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At 8:53 AM, Blogger Studio490 said...


Thank you for the nice words about my design.



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