Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Sale section

I created a “sale items” section today. I had thought about doing it since day one, but wanted to wait and build up inventory and decide what was working and what wasn’t. My idea is to put items that I’m going to do away with in there for about a month and then they will be gone. If I sell anything from that section I will only make about a dollar per item, so they are about as low as I can go!

I sent out my country classifieds today on my “I am a Gift From God” section. And I finally asked John to help me change all the designs from “I am a Gift of God” to “from God.” I’m not sure how it happened, but I created the section name and all the descriptions to say from and the designs to say of! I kept telling myself it didn’t really matter because I hated to ask John to take the time to re-do it. Finally, though, I couldn’t stand it anymore! It didn’t take too long to fix and it is so much better.

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