Friday, March 17, 2006

What's the bloody problem?

Today I got involved in the CafePress forums (after checking all four of my email addresses.) I usually click on “show me what’s new since the last time I was on” which keeps it down to between 100 and 400 postings. Then I skim the titles and only read what I think is really interesting or helpful. Today there was a lot of both of those and I ended up posting to three or four threads.

Finally I read the online USA Today and saw an article about the Australian Tourism ad in Britain getting banned because it used the word bloody. Which I thought was funny because I thought all the Brits used that word including the royals. (But, what do I know.) What really made me stop was the article said, “But Tourism Australia is having the last laugh. In the days since British newspapers reported the flap, downloads to its site have more than tripled from 13,000 to 50,000.

I couldn’t resist creating some products and sending this classified ad out to Sydney and also put it on Craigslist and on

"2 countries divided by a common language. Australia and Britain are at it! Who's right? Who cares? If you do, show us with givitup apparel!Online store, givitup, has dozens of items from t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, buttons and magnets to bags and teddy bears which allow you to show the Brits you just don't see the problem! Visit or go straight to the section: "

So that left me just enough time to read two ezines I’ve been wanting to.
Which led me to join photo bucket. I put that aside then to study further because I think I will have use for it…. As soon as I know how to use it!

This is pretty much how a day in the life of an online storeowner goes. You start on your list of things to do first thing in the morning and go off on a bunch of tangents. It reminds me of my days exploring Paris. I would have a cup of coffee in the hotel room, stuff a croissant in my pocket, grab a map and hit the street planning on going from say The Bastille to Montmartre, but somehow on the journey I would see something interesting down this side street which would lead me to a market down that side street and on and on until an entire day went by not at all how I planned, but so much more interesting! And didn’t I learn and see lots!!

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