Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free 'Super Forum Tips' e-book

I write a monthly column for one of our local weekly papers about parenting a college age kid. It’s been a lot of fun and for this last one I tied in my My Space experiences. For the first time the editor added after my name that I run an online store givitup at and write a daily blog (and this address)! So that was neat to start tying this all together!

It’s almost time to send the free classifieds again. I really see no traffic on my statcounter from them and have debated stopping. But, as long as it’s not hurting anything I guess I’ll continue a while longer. I hate to not try.

One thing I do get a lot of traffic from is forums! And I know when I’m reading an answer that is interesting I almost always click on their URL to at least see their site.
I mentioned a great book on forums called Forum Super Tips by Harvey Segal when I first started my blog. It’s a good read and you can download your free copy of Segal's e-book here.

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