Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Random thoughts

I haven’t had as much time to really work on my store this week with my daughter home. It feels really strange and like I may be getting out of the swing of it.
I’m very anxious to get started on my “Fruits of the Spirit” designs. Either as a second store or sections in the existing store. But, I haven’t had time yet. I want that one to have it’s own blog, so I’ve been preparing that in Word a little. (I like to have several days written ahead incase something happens so I can post every day.)

This was a little strange! I was looking at my statcounter and when I see they did a search I always like to pull it up to see what they were searching for. Someone typed in meat women! Now, I could understand “meet women.” Maybe they misspelled it (I hope), but meat women!! Kind of makes you wonder….



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