Sunday, March 19, 2006

New "I am a Gift from God" Clothing Line

I wanted to do another section of kids’ clothes with the words, “I am a Gift from God” on them. I asked John first thing this morning to help me create the design with the idea of matching the “My Daddy Dressed Me Today” and “I Dressed Myself Today” sections in their styles.
As we were trying to get the rainbow colors to come up suddenly the streaks of color kind of swooped across the page behind the words like a rainbow arc. We thought that looked neat, so John spent the morning messing with getting it perfect. Unfortunately when I put the finished design on the products it didn’t look good! So we totally scratched that and went back to the rainbow colored letters. Finished the section at 5pm! I don’t know how all of this stuff can take so long!! But, it looks good! Check it out:

“Give these to everyone you know! Aren't your children gifts from God? Remind yourself of that everytime you see them in their cute givitup apparel. Tell your friends and family you consider them gifts from God with gifts that say so! Make them feel special! And how about yourself? The Bible says you are His treasure! You are special!”

I did prayer journals, tiles, tile boxes and different color cap sleeve t-shirts for the first time. And I have all the choices of buttons and magnets thinking they would be nice to hand out to friends or groups to let them know you think they are special. Then I did a few items for people to wear themselves to remember everyday that even though the universe is vast, God loves us like we are the only one in it!

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