Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All about t-shirts

John and I went out to dinner and shopping tonight. Everywhere I looked in the clothing store (at least in the Junior and Men sections) were t-shirts with sayings on them! I need to figure out how to get the word out that I can print anything people can think of too.
It is certainly a popular trend! It’s also like reading cards in a store; you gravitate toward the clever and funny ones.

I majored in Textiles & Clothing in college with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. I remember when studying the history of fashion we talked about t-shirts. How they both made people “belong” and “stand out.” The first written t-shirts were usually sports names. Then of course there are the school names and place names, all giving people a feeling of belonging to a group. Later came the “statements” which set them a part. Their view of the world or opinion about something. The hip joke that made them cool. The rebellion against the establishment.

Now, while they are popular still for both of those reasons, the casual life style of the 21st century also plays a big part in their popularity.

And a lot of them do make you laugh!

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