Sunday, March 19, 2006

What people are searching for

I find it so interesting looking at what people searched for and seeing how they came up with either my blog or store!!
I already mentioned in a previous post about the “meat woman” coming up with my “no meat” section and landing on a woman’s t-shirt.

Today I was going through some of them and really got a kick out of these:
“tea totaling on the wagon” which matched up to this description on my “no alcohol” section:

“Giving up alcohol for New Year's or Lent? Having an alcohol free party or event? On the wagon? Let everyone know you are "tea totaling" with a stylish "No Alcohol" product from givitup.” I was number one, right above the Welcome Wagon!

Another one was typed in “whining beer mug”. The first site to come up was a rugby song that had “Why is my beer mug empty?” and “Why are they whining?” in it. I was next with my “no whining” section which includes a mug.

Then there was the lady who typed in “mom starting own business in Toronto” and came up with my blog. Google picked up on my starting my own business of course, but, then a post about my mom giving me advice and then an article I added that my husband wrote about the internet which mentioned that his business is a franchise who’s home base is in Toronto! I used to think people had to type in exact phrases and that’s what google matched up. But, apparently that’s not always true!

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