Sunday, November 19, 2006

Google AdWords

I signed up for Google Maps and when they mailed me a confirmation, it included a $25.00 free Google Advertising credit.

Normally I wouldn’t have tried AdWords because the profit I make per t-shirt is small. (And t-shirts are my biggest profit!)

I thought I might as well try the credit though. I must say their customer service is excellent. I sent two different emails during the set up process and both were answered very fast and very well.

I really didn’t want to go over the free credit amount so I left the window open the whole first day, thinking when it got close to $25.00 I would cancel.

4 days later I am at $1.76! (I do pause it at night just in case I get a run on clicks while I’m asleep!)

Apparently my ad has been displayed over 3500 times…and only clicked on 9 times!

So much for Click Fraud!

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