Monday, January 08, 2007

Great article for online store owners

I’ve been trying to go through everything I’ve stuck in my “favorites” with the goal of “getting caught up” and starting the year “fresh”. Ha!

Anyone who has an online business knows there is no such thing as getting caught up and there is no end of information to read. (Despite the ad where the dazed looking guy comes in to the room and says, “I have reached the end of the internet!)

One of the problems is, if it’s your business, then everything about it is interesting! That’s why you chose the business you did. The other problem is, every article usually has a link to some other site or another article. Then instead of reading the one article you started out with you’ve read 5 or 6.

Here’s an article that I found really helpful called “How to sell more on the web: 30 tips to increase conversion rates for the ecommerce site.” By Nach Maravilla PowerHomeBiz Publisher/CEO

Everyone who has an online store or is considering having one can learn from this article. He covers getting traffic, building customer confidence, improving product presentation and maximizing after sales opportunities.

30 tips to sell more on the web

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