Saturday, February 18, 2006

Now we're having fun!

Oh, my goodness!! Last night within an hour of: posting my new kid’s clothes on the Boston Craigslist, sending all the classifieds and joining two new My Space groups (greatest abs on My Space – I sent them the link to no body fat) and (vegetable mafia – I sent them the no meat) I had 107 page loads and 50 unique hits!! I didn’t want to go to bed, just stay up and keep hitting the refresh button!!

Today I added a “no cancer” section. Sent more links to new My Space groups and watched my statcounter grow!

An aside note – I have just learned to add my blog to feeds! So basically I have been writing to myself for the past 43 days! Well, I had registered it with a few blog searches, but I certainly didn’t know how many there are and that you need to “ping” them when you add a new post! (I actually had no idea what ping was – except maybe half of a game!) I noticed in some of the feeds though, if you just read my blog on their site, you only get the past few days. SO, I am adding my blog address for those who would like to start in the beginning – 43 days ago.

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