Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Shopping

My store is feeling a little of the Christmas shopping spirit! The day before we left town for Thanksgiving I had an order for 8 photo mugs, an “I’d Give Up Chocolate, but I’m no Quitter” long sleeve t-shirt, a “No Whining” button and then a lady from Oregon called me to ask how to put a picture from her son’s wedding on postage stamps.

She said she had heard a TV ad about I really should have asked her how she got from that to my phone number, but I was so excited I didn’t. (Note to remember that for next time!)

She sent a really pretty picture over, my husband sized it for me and I had it on stamps in my custom section in minutes. I emailed her and she ordered 3 sheets! That was fun!

Then when we returned from vacation I sold 2 rectangular magnets with the chocolate theme and a “No Sugar” mug. I thought the mug was cute if you drink your coffee black!

I’m enjoying this season!

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