Saturday, February 25, 2006

My home office

Speaking of My Space….I’m starting to get used to my little office. My husband also works out of the house and has a very nice office, huge desk, big comfortable chair…
He has a laptop and we share a desktop computer. Or at least we shared it until I started my store and needed about 10 times more hours at the computer then I did before!
I thought since he had a laptop he could just pick it up and take it somewhere else in the house. But, it turns out he uses both computers and likes being close to his drawers, files and printer.
One day he led me into the furnace room (where his workbench is). There on a small wooden table next to a file cabinet was our old computer we had sort of trashed when we bought the new one. The only reason we still had it was because we thought a school might find a use for it. John had hooked it up and put a folding chair in front of the table.
This was to be my office!
Well, the computer worked, so I spent the rest of the day trying to clean up old folders and email addresses in there and get organized. The next day when I entered the room John had added an artificial tree and a bunch of artificial flowers (no windows in the furnace room).
The next day there was a lamp and he had hung one of my business cards and a cartoon I had cut out of the paper of a homeless person holding a “Zero hits on Google” sign up on the wall in front of my “desk.” As I sat down, I noticed he had made my logo into a magnet and put it on the file cabinet next to me and I now had a smiley face mug for my pencils!I told him I need to take a picture so that when I am a multi million-dollar company and I tell people I literally started in the basement they would believe me. But, it’s cozy, and if I ever need a hammer I just have to turn around to the workbench.

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