Thursday, February 23, 2006

Too much to do!

I spent about 7 hours sending emails to Humane Societies and animal shelters today! There are so many!! And once you start finding them they never stop, they just keep linking to more and more list of sites. Those fuzzy animals sure have a lot of friends!

Oh, my goodness! I found a site that said it has links for over 8000 animal shelters – dare I open it? I’ve already spent about 4 more hours sending the “no breeding” emails out today! Also sent ads to other countries and two more to Craigslist. One “no Road Rage” to LA and the “My Daddy dressed me today” section to NYC. They are already showing up on my statcounter!
One of my gifts from John for Valentine’s Day was my own domain name! So now I can use Certainly shorter! Now if I decide to do another website I have it.

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