Monday, February 27, 2006

"Like being the last living cell in a dead body"

John put a statcounter on my blog now. It seems every single day I learn something that I wish I had been doing from day one!
I worked on press releases for the “no breeding” section. Besides Spay Day on Feb. 28th I found out that February is Spay and Neuter month for thousands of Humane Societies around the world. So I’m trying to play that up.
I got two nice email responses from two places I sent my “no breeding” email to. It’s always nice to get positive feedback.It was almost 70 degrees out today and I had to get out in the yard. After nearly two months of this it is wearing. Sometimes I am at the computer for hours and hours and the line from the old Dick Van Dyke TV show comes to mind, where he says in a dream, “It’s like being the last living cell in a dead body!”

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